Portfolio 3

This apartment is located in a beautiful building dated from 1905. The main façade, the entrance and the stairs have kept the modernist-neorococó beauty for all over the past decades, but the interiors had been adapted to the trends and needs of their successive inhabitants. Lastly, the apartment was turned into a fashion accessories showroom. Mouldings and mosaic floors were covered with plaster and cement, original doors and windows were made smaller according to standard sizes of the last years.

Luckily, we found many of the original elements hidden behind false ceiling, flooring and wall panels and we completed them with both recovered architectural elements from the beginning of the last century and new materials. Obviously we did not do a true historical renovation of the apartment but, in line to its modernist past, we draw inspiration from nature and romanticism.

The colour schemes of the interiors have been decided in relation to the art works that were chosen before the furniture, curtains and lights.

Colours: sandy white, mustard yellow, black, silver, gold, green, violet, pink.

Materials: marble, wood, silk, velvet, glass, brass.

Living Room
Guest bathroom
Bathroom detail
Main bedroom
Guest room 2
Bell Table
AD Rusia
Art Apartment CHINA
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