This is a selection of pieces from our favourite brands. Here you will find the latest launches but also all time classics from Arflex, Busnelli, Tom Dixon, Gubi, B.D., Stellar Works and many other, maybe not yet so well known companies and designers.

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Arflex Domino table,  design Claesson Koivisto Rune
ARflex Mangold  sofa, design Claesson Koivisto Rune
Arflex Ladle armchairs
Arflex Match table, design Bernhardt&Vella
Arflex Hall armchair, design Roberto Menghi
Arflex Botolo chairs,  design Cini Boeri
Arflex Vela cabinet,  design Bernhardt&Vella
Arflex Arcolor sofa and small tables, deisgn Jaime Hayon
Arflex Cradle  armchair, design Neri&Hu
Arflex Elettra chair, design BBPR
Arflex Hug armchair, design Claesson Koivisto
Arflex Jim armchair, design Claesson Koivisto Rune
Arflex Rubycon cabinet, design Claesson Koivisto
Arflex Strips sofa, design Cini Boeri
Arflex-Tablet design by Claesson Koivisto
Busnelli Todd Sofa, low backrest, high armrest, Design by Toan Nguyen
Busnelli Akita sofa Design by Castello Lagravinese
Busnelli Stardust bed
Busnelli Startdust four poster bed
Busnelli table
BUSNELLI Bikini Daybed Design: Christophe De La Fontaine
Gubi Beetle DiningChair
Gubi TS Console
Stellar Works Lunar-Lunar-Screen
Stellarworks James-Bar-Cart
Stellarworks James-Stool-Front
Stellarworks Lunar-Lounge-Chair
Stellarworks Valet-Mixology-Center