Art goes beyond decoration. No doubt. Art improves our lives. An artwork’s energy affects the soul of those who get involved with it. We believe that art can change the world for the better. Choosing artworks for an interior is probably the most difficult part of a project and often needs a lot of time. We, interior designers, should never choose an artwork for our clients, but we can share our passion for art with them and help them discover the pieces that speak to their souls.

We are connected to the Barcelona art scene, we know what the city galleries offer and we regularly organize exhibitions in our showroom with artists we like. Currently you can find in our showroom works from Paul Ekaitz, Anka Manshusen, Carlos Puig Padilla, Ferdinand Wehe, Peter Combe y Noohr.

Anka Manshusen
Carlos Puig Padilla
ferdinand wehe
PAUL CircusEndlessPaulEkaitz